Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to Pass Driving License Test in Dubai?

How to get UAE Driving license?
How to pass theory test? How to pass Parking test? How to pass Assesment Test? And finally, how to pass the so-called big road test?

I had all these in my mind when I joined EDI (Emirates Driving Institute) for my driving classes. First of all, EDI is very costly. because, when I joined, they told the classes cost around 60 AED for regular and 85 for Friday - Saturdays. But each additional class taken will cost you 105 AED. This was not known until I made my payment for additional classes.  I have no idea how Belhasa charges.

It is always good if you can choose the Main branch as your driving center. Because, in the final road test, you have to drive the car form the Main Institute and the roads you will pass by will be familiar if you learn it from the main branch itself.

When I joined, all the new rules were in practice. This included Highway learning, Night classes, all parking tests, etc.

1. Theory Test:
No need to worry. Attending theory classes are anyways mandatory . Then, just go through the book given by EDI (or any learning center).
EDI charges its students for a mock theory test. But, When I asked for it, they said, "It is not required that you have to take up the Mock theory test. But we'll charge you even if you attend or not attend". As I paid, I went to take up the mock test. That was a good decision.

The Mock test is prepared in the same way as the real theory test. And therefore, no surprises welcomed me on the real test date. In the mock test, answer the questions and it will show the marks and you can take up the test again. For half an hour, you can sit there and take up mock tests.

So, Theory test went well. And I scored pretty good marks in it. The test includes multiple - choice questions.

In RTA Website, you can find demonstration tests and other questions and answers.

2. Parking Test:
This involves 5 tests.

(1) Parallel Parking:
The instructor will help in teaching the Parallel Parking through 3 points. They'll make it understand by teaching when to turn the steering wheel to right, left, half-left, etc. Just keep those points in mind when you take up the Parking test.

(2) Garage Parking:
Again, instructor's points can make it simpler.

(3) 60 degree parking:
This is the easiest of all. No need of any points.

(4) Hill Test:
For people who are learning in Automatic vehicle, there is no big issue with Hill Test. It will be parked in an elevated (slanting) area. You have to take it up from that area without moving the vehicle down. Then, come back and Park in the same area.

(5) Emergency Braking:
You'll be asked to drive the car in 30 kmph through the driving centre Parking area. There are parallel lines (already marked with numbers) drawn across  road. And when your car gets the speed 30 kmph and pass one of those marked lines, driver shouts "STOP". You have to brake suddenly. It is to see your presence of mind and quickness in stopping the vehicle. Now, they'll see how much distance you travelled after shouting "STOP". This is calculated from those marked lines.

3. Assessment Test:
Once you complete your theory classes, you take up the theory test. Then, driving classes are given. It includes road classes and Parking classes. And after few Parking classes, you can take up the Parking Test. Once you finish Parking test, you can book yourself for an Assessment test. This is very similar to the Road test.

Assessment Test is conducted by the driving institute.
Points to note:
(1) Be cool. If you are tensed, you are going to make mistakes.
(2) Try to smile at the instructor when you are called. And if possible, initiate a small talk. 
Make sure that you can see properly through both the mirrors. You have to make sure that the instructor notices what you are doing. Also confirm that the seat and steering position is right for you - You should be able to reach brakes and accelerator without leaning very forward. You should not be very close to the steering.
(3) At the signal - red color: If you are the first or second car, just apply brakes and wait. Otherwise, change the gear to neutral very confidently. And keep your hand on the gear and be ready to change it when the signal changes.
(4) If you pass near by any person who is walking on the road, be very careful. Try to maintain a good distance from them.
(5) If the instructor applies brakes or correct the steering wheel, you are failed in the assessment test. Make sure that does not happen.
(6) Know the speed limits of the road.
(7) Changing the lane: If instructor asks you to change the lane, make sure that you first look at the mirrors to see if lane change can happen. If any car's coming in that lane, don't change immediately. The instructor will appreciate your decision. While checking mirrors, first check rear view mirror, then side mirror. If everything okay, put indicator. After that, go for a shoulder check. Only after shoulder check, you should move your car to the next lane. And when you move, move fast. Even if the road is empty, the check has to be done and make sure that the instructor notices your actions.
(8) Know the round-about rule. Make sure that you are in the correct lane while taking a u-turn or left-turn from round about. If any car coming from your left-side, please do not enter the round-about.
(9) T - Junction - While getting in to a main road from a small road: Even if you can see the whole road empty, please pause for about 5 seconds, check (in an obvious manner) and confirm that no car comes, then, move. In all these cases, make sure that you put the correct indicator.
(10) If you see any car stopped on your road, please put hazard lights to communicate to the car behind you that you have stopped. Impress your instructor well.

4. Night Classes:
If you are a lady, you do not need to attend night classes. It is not mandatory for ladies. For others, it is a must.

5. Simulation:
You are charged for this in EDI.
You'll be taken to one small yard where they have a replicated a road scenario. It has traffic lamps, Parking lots,  round-a bouts.
First, make sure that you understand the rule of round-about.
You have to drive the car through this yard for about 30 minutes. No instructor will sit with you. Like an ATC (Air Traffic controller), one person sits on the nearby building watching you drive. The car has a speaker and a microphone. The "controller" will correct you if you make any mistakes. He will also giv instructions on what has to be done - like, he may ask you to park the car and try going through the round about, etc.
Take this seriously because it is a very nice experience and no success-failure in it. 

6. Road Test:
Very similar to the assessment test. See the points above.
This test is conducted by RTA personnel.

7. Highway Classes:
Once you get your driving license, you have to take up this class. The instructor will sit near by and you have to drive through the high way. This is a very good one and it boosts the confidence of the driver. Till this time, the classes and tests where conducted by speeding up to 40 or 60 or 80kmph. And now, you get a chance to drive up to 120 kmph.

Once you finish the Highway Classes, the driving license is all yours.


  1. nice instruction but one thing . in lane change you check the rear mirror and then on the indicator before shoulder check

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